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*NEW* Maltapark API

Current Version: 1.0


This page is only intended for users who want to link their own software to Maltapark. If you just want to list listings using the website, nothing in this page applies to you.

The Maltapark API is a development tool that allows business users to integrate Maltapark functionality within their software.

For example, it allows you to upload your listings automatically through software.

Integration of the API into your software will require some software development work and the documentation hereunder is intended for software development professionals.


It is important that you familiarise yourself with the introductory details in the documentation (Chapter 1) before attempting any API work.

Documentation for the API can be found here: API Documentation

The WSDL description of the API can be found here: WSDL Description


The terms and conditions that apply to normal (non-API) usage (see here) also apply to API usage. In particular please note the clause regarding duplicate listings. We do not currently limit the number of listings per user as long as one particular listing is only listed once at any given time.

The API calls that add a listing to our database incur a small charge. Click here for details.


Please login and refresh this page to accept the terms of the API and obtain an API key. An API key is required to make use of the API.

Further information

Please contact us for further information regarding how the API can help your business.